Sunday, November 30, 2008

Healthy living and a couple recipes

This post is a bit different from most, its something that I have wanted to begin talking about off and on, and even though it may not seem like a spiritual thing I believe that it has a lot of spiritual aspects. I am going to share a couple of recipes that I really like that most people would run from :-) along with some information that I have come across. My wife and I have for some time now been actively interested in a healthier way of eating, mostly because of the mortality rate of the men in my family line :-(. In researching alot of this we found a common problem in diets of most people, especially the western countries. Food is not only devoid of life giving nutrients but they are added to with a host of deadly chemicals, altered genes, and a counter productive nature that strives against the natural healing properties so lovingly given to us by our God and Father. As soon as most people read something like this they think, "Oh man! Hear goes the health nuts telling us we have to eat yucky food to live!" Health nuts,,,,,,what an oxymoron LOL to say one is nuts for wanting to be healthy, granted alot of people do go to an extreme and become very legalistic about it (like the religious church organization can be). Anyway, I promise that this is not a rant against anything other than "health food" but rather information and observations gathered over a period of time and research. I myself hate yucky food :-) and have found that there are many things that I would not try because on their own they are yucky, or just because I already had my mind made up that it was yucky. Make sense? Well to shine a better light on it we will take cheese cake, obviously not a "healthy choice", but I always hated cheese cake because of the word "cheese" in it. I know, its cream cheese, but still.........., a couple of years ago my wife talked me into trying a bite of her cheesecake that she had ordered, the experience was euphoric LOL, now I love it, unfortunately its become a bit of a stumbling block to my health :-D. I also hated tofu, lets face it, tofu is nasty! The thing is, it is not only a known cancer fighter, rich in protein and calcium but it also takes on the flavor of what every it is combined with making it very versitile. I tried tofu finally in a smoothie first, not bad, then marinated and grilled, it was quite good. Lastly scrambled up with eggs, pepper and curry to make a spiced scramble, that one was very good, and very healthy. I say all of this to say, keep you mind open, there are alot of good foods out there that if prepared properly to taste, are a wonderful experience. The following recipies are "raw food" recipies, even though the one with tofu can't be legally classified as "raw" because anything that has ever been heated above 108 degrees can't be considered raw. I like raw food because that is the way we were made to eat, not being legalistic I know we have complete freedom but I do believe the freedom often has a price. My mom and dad always used to say, "as long as you bless it you won't choke" LOL or often indicated that blessing food would in fact negate the ill effect of toxic foods. Anyway, I did promise this wouldn't be a rant didn't I :-). I just wanted to point out the positives of raw food, the most important I will mention and that is that the valuable and incredibly important active enzymes are fully intact. Our body needs these because as life goes on we loose what we have and they are never replenished unless we replace them with either prebiotics and probiotics or a nice host of positive living foods, not to mention decreasing our intake of sugar, dairy, coffee (hard one for me an avid coffee drinker), and many other substances that kill everything good in our system. Hopefully this will all stimulate interesting conversation, don't be scared, lol, I'm not a health pharisee, just like to share what I have found and be of some help to any one who cares to hear. I am planning on doing a couple of additions to this post if anyone is interested giving more information that I reckon would be of great use to anyone, please let me know. :-)

Avocado Tofu Spread
Mash 1 ripe avocado with about 8 oz drained mashed tofu – about half and half if you are a beginner to tofu and are a bit scared you can use less tofu– and add 1 Tblsp of lemon juice, 1-2 Tblsp finely diced onions, 1-2 cloves of shredded garlic, 3 tsp of soy sauce, 1 finely diced jalapeƱo pepper, and season with chili pepper and ground cumin to taste.
Combine all of these very well.
My favorite thing to do with this is making a wrap of it, take a whole Romaine lettuce leaf and spread the avocado tofu mixture on it like a dressing, add a bed of alfalfa sprouts, a layer of chopped green onion, slices of cucumber, halved slices of tomato, and roll it up like a big green, raw burrito  very yummy and balanced.

Desert is......
Ron’s Raw Tart
1 cup of soaked almonds blended to a powder in a blender or processor (processor preferably as it will keep the almonds from heating and thus keeping the valuable enzymes intact.)
Pinch of salt
All of the contents of 2 whole vanilla bean pods (you can also use 1 tsp of vanilla extract; it’s just no longer considered “totally raw”.
1/8 cup of olive oil
2 tsp of agave nectar
Add the newly made almond flour to a bowl, with a pinch of salt and mix it. Add the vanilla bean and agave nectar to the olive oil and mix it well then add it to the almond flour/salt mixture and mix it well. It should be like stiff dough. Flatten the mixture out one a plate making a lip around the edge pretty much like a tart shell ( or as much as possible) and put it in the fridge until ready to put the filling in
Blend in a blender or processor
1 pitted mango
1 frozen banana
¼ cup of blue berries, fresh or frozen
½ tsp of flax oil
The smallest pinch of salt
Pour the mixture in the shell and put it in the freezer for a few to set a bit, slice it like a cheese cake and enjoy!! This is a wonderful tart, and completely raw with the enzymes intact, very health and delicious!


Bino M. said...

My wife and I listen to Dr. Bob Marshal (A Phd in nutrition) on a Christian radio station. He often jokingly say that American diet is 'SAD' (Standard American Diet). I think it's true.

He says the same thing you said that we are engineered to eat row food. Any cooked food is tough on our digestive system it seems. According to him, the nutrition in one peach 50 years ago equals to 42 peaches today due to synthetic fertilization and bad soil. The fruits and vegetables looks nice and big today, but low in nutrition...

While I too don't like to be a 'health pharisee', I think it's important that we should be mindful of what we are eating... When God gave us vegetation, I don't think He wanted us to use poison/chemicals to grow it and then later process it highly so that it would last long on grocery store shelves.

ViolableWings said...

I couldn't agree more with you on all of what you said Bino. Neither my wife or I have heard of him, but my wife went and checked out his radio show after you mentioning it here and thought it was very interesting. I like to mess with peoples about eating meat (even though I still have not been able to stop yet, but at least we are eating certified cruelty free when we do). Not give anyone a hard time, but just say, "our teeth show that we were made to be vegetarian after all, the last time I checked, me and my dog had completely different teeth." LOL.